Tarotka Minor Arcana: Two of Swords

Two of Swords
Here comes our champion, wielding the sword of authority! But wait! Someone else stands in the way, also wielding the sword of authority! The look perfectly matched! So who wins?

Well… no one. They have a stalemate. And that’s the Two of Swords.

This is a card of balance, but it’s a detrimental sort of balance. Two equal and opposed forces have met, and it’s created a gridlock. Neither is budging. Forcing one to budge will cause a destructive end to the situation. However, leaving them there will just result into the pressure building up, until the whole situation finally collapses from the strain. And neither side can move on until the other one yields.

The Two of Swords represents a concept that we don’t like to admit – that someone with an opposing viewpoint can be just as “right”, or just as “wrong”, as you are. Unfortunately, when those two viewpoints meet, it’s an unmovable force meeting an impenetrable object. You can’t back down because you know you’re right, but neither can the other person, and neither of you can win because you’re both equally valid.

The most accepted meaning for the inverted Two of Swords is the end of the gridlock, and a release from the stalemate. Either one side forced its way through, or the other side willingly yielded. If you’re staring at this and failing to see how it could possibly fit your card reading, however, keep in mind it could also mean an imbalance. Maybe one side really is more “wrong” than the other… or maybe one side secretly has way more power than the other. Keep an eye out for duplicity if you’re still stuck in conflict with the other side.

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