Tarotka Minor Arcana: Two of Cups

Two of Cups
Two people both holding the cup of emotion for one another – and so the Two of Cups is considered to be the card of love. Maybe it’s not a romantic love, but it’s definitely two people who have strong emotions for one another. This card represents emotional compatibility and mutual interest, so these people have a good rapport with one another. This results in pleasure in each other’s company, and attachment. Being with this other person is spiritually rejuvenating.

This is a card of a one on one bond, not the one that comes from a group of friends. They may both be part of a group of friends, but the individual relationship is much stronger and much closer. Hence, these people would likely be best friends, or lovers – there’s a reason the connotations of romantic love are so strong here.

Turning the suit of Cups over usually represents the emotion pouring out of the Cups, leaving them empty. In this case, this usually represents discord within the relationship – what should be bringing pleasure is instead bringing pain. There might be a fight or a misunderstanding that sours the bonds, or one person might start withdrawing from the relationship for some reason. There’s also a decent chance that one person is far more interested in the relationship than the other is. The result is that the one person becomes a drain on the other, constantly badgering them for affection they don’t want to give.

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