Tarotka Minor Arcana: Two of Coins

Two of Coins/Two of Pentacles
Like the Two of Swords, this is a card of balance – but where the Two of Swords is a card of stasis, the Two of Coins is a card of change. This can seem like a bit of a contradiction, to be both balanced and ever changing, but it’s an acknowledgement that all earthly things change. To keep things in balance you need to change as well, like a juggler keeping multiple things in the air without dropping any of them. This is a dynamic card, but also one that shows control. You may have multiple things that are vying for your attention, but you are keeping abreast of all of them by continually moving, and using the motion of one to assist you in catching the next one. If you use too little or too much energy, you’ll lose control of the situation, but you’re using just enough to keep up with all of the things in your life. The key to continuing is to stay flexible, and remember at any point the situation can change yet again.

If you’ve ever trying juggling when you don’t actually know how, you might have encountered that brief period of time when you are actually managing to juggle, but now your brain has kicked in and now you’re desperately flailing… this is usually right before everything spins out of control and your drop everything. This is the inverse Two of Coins – you have too many things going on, your attention is pulled too many directions, and you can’t handle it. You need to either cut back on your projects or learn to control the fluctuations of life better, because otherwise you’re going to be wavering and inconsistent in your attention to all of them. It’s probably better to realize you need to drop one of your commitments, because the alternative is dropping all of them. Focus on one thing at a time.

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