Tarotka Minor Arcana: Three of Stars

Three of Stars/Three of Wands
The Two of Stars is about personal effort; the Three of Stars is about combined effort. This is a card of joining forces with others to accomplish greater things than you could alone. As the card of joint-enterprise, it has association with trade and other established organizations – this can be the card of the guild, the union, or anything that gains its power from the cooperative work of many people. There is a stability and security that comes from many hands working together. One person’s confidence and energy may flag and falter, but there are others there to help pick up the slack.

Thanks to the continual use of group projects in both school and the business world, I think we’ve all encountered the Three of Stars reversed. You can put three people in a room together, but their efforts are not all going to go in the same direction. Some people just don’t work well together. This is often a sign of pride or some other personal energy getting in the way of cooperation. Everyone has a bold new idea that they’re determined to do for the project! And none of them are compatible with one another. What you end up is with everyone getting in each other’s way – you essentially have three people doing redundant work, and screwing up everyone else’s work, instead of three people accomplishing something together.

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