Tarotka Minor Arcana: Ten of Stars

Ten of Stars/Ten of Wands
Observe the girl on the card. She’s either called up or is trying to control something that is pushing her to her limit to even look at, and she’s not sure she can contain this power. If she lets go now, it will all be lost – or perhaps blow up in her face. She is tired and pushed to her absolute limits, but she has to keep forging ahead if she wants to complete her task. The Ten of Stars is a card of oppression – not stemming from tyrants and poor authority, but the oppression of your exertions and responsibilities bearing down upon you. When you deal with the energy of Stars for too long, it can burn you and tire you. This is the sign of struggling on in the face of that.

This card can represent something we have likely all experienced – where that project that you were so enthusiastic for has hit the final stretch… and you hate it. You don’t want to work on it ever again. You are incredibly burned out and tired about the whole thing. But if you stop now, everything will be wasted. You have to make that final slog to the end for your work to pay off, no matter how much you hate it right now.

Alright, you can’t do it. The burden is too heavy. So, what happens? You either drop it, get someone else to help carry it, or get crushed by it. In the case of the first, it can be a great relief to finally put the weight down, although you may find yourself having to pick up pieces and clear away debris, and you might wind up losing everything you worked for so far. In the case of the second, you have to swallow your pride and admit you need help. In the case of the third… well, that didn’t work out very well for you, no matter how you cut it. You have to guess which of these this means based on context (and curse inverses), unless you want to take this card as a simple warning that you can’t carry things on your own.

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