Tarotka Minor Arcana: Ten of Coins

Ten of Coins/Ten of Pentacles
The Nine of Coins was having everything you could possibly want, and being content. But that wasn’t the culmination of the themes of the suit – the Ten is. So where do you go from perfect material contentment? Well, recall the saying “you can’t take it with you.” What do you do with your wealth once you have it all, knowing you’re not going to be around forever? You pass it on to someone else, giving them the solid material foundation that was represented back on the Ace. As such, the Ten of Coins is the card of inheritance and legacy, completing the cycle by passing things down to the next generation. This can involve family, but could also represent community or friends – anyone that could benefit and grow from you passing on your success.

Something about the inheritance process went a little wrong here. Maybe the person receiving the legacy doesn’t want it, or sees it as a burden. Maybe you just hate your deadbeat kids and don’t want to pass anything on to them. Maybe your deadbeat kids have hired some highpowered lawyers to take your money before you’re even dead. Maybe you grew old alone and have no one to pass your wealth down to. Whatever the case, it is likely time to start looking for someone more deserving of your legacy.

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