Tarotka Minor Arcana: Squire of Swords

Squire of Swords/Page of Swords
It may help to refer to what I wrote before on the Court Cards. Just to recap, the Court Cards represent a personality – they can either be another person, an aspect of yourself, or a message/event that shares the same “character” as the person on the card.

So who is the Squire of Swords?

She’s associated with youth, intellect, Earth, and Air. Earth and Air means she’s both thoughtful and practical. Youth means she approaches these things with a child-like wonder – she isn’t childish, but her curiosity drives her to learn more, much as a child who eagerly asks questions about her surroundings. She is not ruled by her emotions, but her youth and intellect drives her to be direct and assertive – she has not been cut by the double-edge of her sword yet, which makes her more open than the Master and the Mistress of Swords. This is the card of a student and of learning, and the combination of pragmatism and intellect means it can also be taken to be the card of an emissary or a spy. Her blade can cut right to the heart of a matter, and she has the mental acuity to look at things in a different light from other people.

There’s passion and energy there, but it’s an intellectual sort of energy. She’s more responsible than most the other Squires – not going to get swept up by impulse or emotion, but willing to become enthusiastic over a sound and logical notion. There’s an underlying current of optimism and fortitude in the face of adversary, a desire for action.

This woman is swinging her sword – by which me mean mind – around somewhat belligerently, which makes her seem hostile to outsiders. It’s a sharp mind turned to ill-purposes, either harming others or herself with an indiscriminate intellect. When focused outward, the inversed Squire of Swords is stubborn and rebellious (Earth inversed is usually stubborn), and has an overly-harsh way of communicating. When focused inward, the inversed Squire of Swords is self-critical and mentally self-destructive. Her over-working mind can’t turn off form nitpicking at herself, which makes her insecure, and she takes it out on the people around her. Expect sharp words and nasty arguments.

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