Tarotka Minor Arcana: Squire of Stars

Squire of Stars/Page of Wands
Back to the Court Cards for the last time. Just to recap, the Court Cards represent a personality – they can either be another person, an aspect of yourself, or a message/event that shares the same “character” as the person on the card.

So who is the Squire of Stars?

She’s associated with youth, dynamism, Fire, and Earth. Fire means she has energy and a passion for life, Earth means she is concerned with the world around her. Her youth means her understanding of life is incomplete, but that only increases her appreciation and joie de vivre. She is a free spirit, outspoken and direct in her actions. Her fiery nature pushes her to be an enterprising spirit – someone drawn to fast-moving or cutting edge new fields. It could be the sign of an inventor or an athlete, or someone like a test pilot. She demands some manner of action in her life, usually dragging excitement and change along for the ride. Her ambitions are high but not unattainable – she will challenge herself, but it’s likely to overstep her limits unless pushed. Like the other Squire cards, this can be the sign of a student, who approaches learning (as the rest of her life) with nearly limitless passion and enthusiasm.

Someone with too much youthful energy and too much energy in general. When inverted, The Squire of Stars is incredibly over-reactive. She’s hot headed and rash, jumping into impulsive decisions without really thinking if they’re a good idea. She can get impatient and testy in her dealings with others, trying to push them to get a move on and getting irritated if they don’t. Her over-energetic nature means she’s scattered and flighty – she just hasn’t got the patience to sit down and concentrate on any one thing. She bounces from one hobby or project to the next without ever really accomplishing anything, dropping anything as soon as she gets bored with it, regardless of obligations.

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