Tarotka Minor Arcana: Squire of Cups

Squire of Cups/Page of Cups
This is a story of truth… beauty… freedom… and most of all, love.

Back to the Court Cards again. Just to recap, the Court Cards represent a personality – they can either be another person, an aspect of yourself, or a message/event that shares the same “character” as the person on the card.

So who is the Squire of Cups?

She’s associated with youth, emotions, Water, and Earth. Water means she has her head in the clouds, Earth means she keeps her feet on the ground. This is someone with a vivid imagination – an artist, a poet, or a dreamer. She can represent a child, or someone who is likewise young at heart. This is the card of an idealist and romantic, possibly someone with Bohemian-like qualities. Poetry is beautiful! Art is life! Love conquers all! She might get mocked and dismissed as naive, but more often than not, the base for her ideas is solid. After all, people do make a living as artists and poets and writers, putting their dreams to paper. This may not be the most lucrative job, but the Squire of Cups doesn’t care – it’s what she wants to do, and she’s completely happy doing it. She still dares to dream despite being practical, indeed, her practicality is put towards making her dreams a reality, not giving up on them.

Leave me alone to diiiiie.

If you’ve ever seen Lilo and Stitch (and if not, you ought to), here’s Lilo, the troubled child. This person is still child-like at heart, but she’s also moody. She sulks. She throws temper tantrums. She keeps acting out in socially unacceptable ways. Her imagination is as vibrant as ever – maybe too vibrant – but it’s not really charming to adults any more. She might decide there’s a monster under the bed, or start making voodoo dolls of her playmates to act out elaborate revenge fantasies. Which, speaking of playmates, she does not get along with well. She might be bullied, or she might just be outcast because she’s weird. She can get upset easily, which can lead to nasty fights as she pushes back. It’s important to recall that none of this is because she’s malicious, she just can’t relate to other people well, and it causes her to harm even the people who are trying to help her.

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