Tarotka Minor Arcana: Squire of Coins

Squire of Coins/Page of Pentacles
Alright, back to the Court Cards. Just to recap, the Court Cards represent a personality – they can either be another person, an aspect of yourself, or a message/event that shares the same “character” as the person on the card.

So who is the Squire of Coins?

She’s associated with youth, practicality, and Earth. As the squire of her suit and a coin card, she’s an Earth/Earth card, which means practical/practical. As such, she is both concerned with worldly affairs and very skilled in dealing with them. This is someone mature beyond her years – she’s responsible with money and exceptionally diligent. She’s determined to make something of herself, which means she can take advantage of what opportunities come her way. However, her responsible nature means she’s cautious and careful when dealing with money and other affairs. This gives her a great deal of common sense and makes her a good manager. She’s open and optimistic about business matters, having high ideals on how things should be run. Her youth means she is more open to new ideas than most the other coin Court Cards – much like the Squire of Swords, this can be the card of a student, and a very diligent student at that. Unlike the Squire of Swords, who likes to learn for the sake of learning, the Squire of Coins is more focused on how her skills can help her in the real world. She can also be solid and simple, in the sense of “just a simple country girl.” This isn’t someone prone to grand schemes and convoluted gambits, at least, not on her own initiative.

The Squire of Coins is still practical and goal-oriented when inversed, but her goals and methods are now short-sighted. Being too practical without any idealism behind it can have deleterious effects on both the Squire and everyone around her. Since she’s only concerned with the best thing for the here and now, her pragmatism has the unfortunate effect of undermining her efforts in the future. Her goals are unrealistic, and her projects suffer setbacks. Worst of all, she’s stubborn. All earth cards can have a streak of stubbornness to them – rocks aren’t well known for budging – and when it becomes inverted this can get even worse. Trying to convince the Squire of her errors will just make her rebellious, as she digs in her heels and refuses to budge from her position, no matter how wrong and self-destructive it is.

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