Tarotka Minor Arcana: Six of Cups

Six of Cups
This is the card of simple pleasures, fond memories, and nostalgia. There’s a certain amount of small joys that children have that seem to get lost as people get older. This hearkens back to that time – it’s not wistfulness, per se, since that would indicate a certain sort of discontentment. Instead, the looking back on this card is remembering the good times to help you through the bad.

When inversed, nostalgia turns into rose tinted glasses – being convinced everything in the past was great based on unrealistic memories. This leads to an attachment to a non-existent past, which can be detrimental. You probably have heard all the jokes about old people who think everything was better back in their day – and of course, now we have people convinced everything was better back in the 1800s (so long as you were super rich. And ignored the syphilis).

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