Tarotka Minor Arcana: Six of Coins

Six of Coins/Six of Pentacles
This is the card of generosity, of giving and receiving. It’s strongly associated with charity, for obvious reasons, but it can also be a sign of some unexpected windfall. You can also note that the men on the card share the same face. This is an implicit understanding that you may not always be – or indeed, were not always – so fortunate, and that it is a kind thing to help out others when you can, in the hopes that if you fall upon hard times, you too will be helped. In some ways, one might consider this a continuation of the Five of Coins – having survived poverty, you are more able to sympathize with it. “One good turn deserves another”, or perhaps “today you, tomorrow me”. This doesn’t just represent giving money, as it could instead be your time, or even your presence, but there is temporal aspect to Earth cards. You are improving someone’s life and circumstances through your gift.

At the same time there is a balance to the charity, as represented by the scales. If you give to the point of causing detriment to yourself, you’re not really helping, just shifting the burden around. At the same time, if you give so much that the other person becomes dependent on you, you’re not actually doing them any good. Discrimination and fair judgment temper this generosity – it’s not forbidden to draw the line, or to focus on helping a few instead of half-heartedly trying to help everyone.

This is “generosity” without balance, which a lot of times does not really resemble charity at all. One person is clearly dominant here – it could be someone is taking too much and is essentially a leech, or it could be the “giver” has strings attached to his gifts, and tends to offer them in ways that can’t be refused and must be paid back on his terms. While those who are trapped by the inverse Six of Swords can often feel like they have no choice than to accept these terms, they may also feel like they’d rather have gone without the “help” in the first place, by the end of it all.

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