Tarotka Minor Arcana: Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords
Here is the epitome of the phrase “so sharp he’ll cut himself.”

The Seven of Swords is the card of trickery and guile, the con artist, the thief and the trickster. Since swords represent intellect, well, what could be more intellectual than getting what you want through your wits? This is a sign that cunning and diplomacy will get you what brute force cannot. At the same time, recall that all swords cards are double-edged. No matter how cunning you are, you can be a victim of deceit and trickery as well.

There’s also two more elements to the “double edge” of this sword. The first is that the thief carries her spoils by the blade. If she isn’t careful, she’ll be undone by her own cleverness – too caught up in her own intellect to see her own demise coming. The second edge is that she’s had to leave two of the swords behind. This is the price that comes with not trusting other people: she’s won a sound victory, but not a complete one, because she had no one to help her carry her gains.

When the thief is turned on her head, it represents triumph over trickery and deceit. Perhaps she was undone with cleverness – her own or someone else’s – whatever the case, this is usually a card of regain. You lost something to guile, and now it is returned to you. This can also apply to trust – you lost your trust due to a deception, but now you’ve gained it back.

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