Tarotka Minor Arcana: Seven of Stars

Seven of Stars/Seven of Wands
The Seven of Stars is the card of courage and taking a stand. You can see it easily enough on the card – there is a struggle here, and a lot of opposition, but the man has picked his position and will defend it to the bitter end. The thing about this card is, despite the terrible odds, the advantage is in the hands of the one man. This is because he is a 15th level Ranger knows himself and knows the turf better than his foes. He knows where he is and what he’s fighting for, which gives him a stronger position than the people who are jabbing at him blindly. He knows to hold his ground, because victory will be his eventually.

In modern days this is more of a metaphorical card, in that we probably aren’t going to be getting into spear-fights – the people trying to tear you down are detractors, not soldiers. In either case, the lesson is the same. Know your position and stand your ground.

Wow, those are a lot of spears. And they’re pointy. And on fire. Ehhhh. Why are you here again? You have taken a stand, but you’re not really feeling up to the task… for obvious reasons. As such, your resolve is faltering, and in so doing your position is also crumbling. In the case of the metaphorical fight, you’re afraid of the constant attacks that come from everyone who doesn’t like you – and like above, these attacks have no real basis in anything. The whole thing has devolved into pointless sniping and ignorance. Since you aren’t clear on your position, nothing is going to be gained from this.

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