Tarotka Minor Arcana: Seven of Coins

Seven of Coins/Seven of Pentacles
You’ve worked hard, your efforts have paid off, you’ve gotten your reward… and somehow you’re not sure you’re satisfied with it. The Seven of Coins is the card of disappointment and reassessment, especially after a very large project. This can come from many sources – perhaps you feel you could have done better, perhaps you’re not certain if there’s something else out there you might prefer doing, perhaps you’re simply suffering from post-project blues, or perhaps you really aren’t happy with whatever you’re doing now. Hence, why it’s time to step back and figure out for yourself if you’re headed in the right direction. This is a needed period of evaluation, because it’s too easy to keep going with something simply because changing it up is hard, even if the direction you’re headed isn’t one you wanted. It may indeed turn out you decide you’re fine with the way things are going, and that your doubts are banished with a new project or a bit of self-reflection. But it may also turn out that you decide this path isn’t worth the effort, and it’s time to start something new.

You’ve worked hard…. and your efforts haven’t paid off. This is bad investment and unprofitable enterprise. You’re definitely feeling the same dissatisfaction as up above, which leaves you careless and unmotivated. Of course, much like up above, change still isn’t easy. You may be feeling trapped, being forced to put in too much effort for too little gain.

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