Tarotka Minor Arcana: Nine of Coins

Nine of Coins/Nine of Pentacles
This is the card of material gain and comfort. This is usually considered to represent success in the physical world. When this card crops up, it’s a sign that good things are headed your way – either the results of your hard work or some manner of windfall. With wealth comes financial security, and with financial security comes emotional security. The emotional security allows you to grow as a person – after all, if you have enough in your life, it means you don’t have to struggle with that while trying to experience the world.

Something wealth related is going to make you unhappy. The most obvious thing would be theft or legal entanglements involving your material possessions. But it could just be your wealth causing trouble for you – we hear stories of people winning the lottery and having false friends and misery-makers popping out of the woodwork. You might still have your wealth, but it will only make trouble for you. Once people know you have it, they will covet it, and they will start making trouble for you in order to get it.

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