Tarotka Minor Arcana: Mistress of Swords

Mistress of Swords/Queen of Swords
The Mistress of Swords is a formidable woman. She represents maturity, intellect, Air, and Water. Air leads her to be keenly observant, Water means she is also emotionally intuitive. She is an incredibly perceptive woman, rational and sharp-eyed – the Mistress of Swords knows your flaws, your emotions, and your character, and she can pierce the illusions and misconceptions that people often build around themselves. The problem, then, is she will let you know the truth of your character, which most people do not like. The Mistress of Swords has a sharp tongue, and she does not put up with BS: if you have an overly high opinion of yourself, or are trying to give her the run-around, she will tear you down. That being said, while she can be too honest, she is always fair. Her rational and independent nature would not permit anything else – she doesn’t put up with garbage from anyone else, and she won’t spew it herself.

This card can often represent a woman who has been hurt in the past – life has not always been kind to the Mistress of Swords. She is a powerful and brilliant woman, but her intelligence does not necessarily bring her happiness.

When inversed, the Mistress of Swords is too critical, to the point where she’s downright malicious and cruel. This is a bitter, jealous woman. The emotion inside her has gone sour, her heart is empty, and she’s quite willing to cut down everyone she meets – because in her mind, they all deserve to be cut down. Her judgments of others are just as perceptive as they were when she was upright, which is what makes her insults so cutting, but she can see nothing good in anyone, only the bad. Her nasty and over-judgmental nature quickly sours her relationships, as her constant awareness of everyone’s flaws leads her to hate everyone. And she makes sure everyone knows their flaws just as well as she does. It can be easy to simply pass the inverted Mistress of Swords off as a spiteful and browbeating woman when not in her presence, but don’t underestimate the power of her intellect. She’s just as sharp and perceptive as she is upright, and she can cut you to the quick with nothing more than a well-placed word.

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