Tarotka Minor Arcana: Mistress of Cups

Mistress of Cups/Queen of Cups
The Mistress of Cups is associated with maturity, emotions, intuition and Water. As both the Mistress of the suit and bearing the suit of Cups, she is a Water/Water card, which means she is doubly emotional and intuitive. This is a woman of unmatched compassion, rivaled only by her ability to understand other people. Indeed, it is likely her ability to understand and sympathize that leads to her compassion. As such, she is often a gifted counselor, ready to provide a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold whenever they are needed. Water is also the element of healing, and so this woman might also be a healer, either physically, mentally, or spiritually. She doesn’t judge and she’s willing to forgive – a kindness that can mean everything in the world. She’s genuine, and that draws people to her. Even when not physically attractive, her vivacious personality attracts people.

This can be the sign of a caring mother, someone artistic, or some manner of caretaker. There’s also such a strong association with intuition that it can indicate a psychic. If it shows up as a message to you, take it as a sign to try and understand all the hidden currents of a situation – and by understanding, having compassion.

When inverted, the Mistress of Cups is ruled by her emotions, so she’s flighty and easily influenced. She seems nice and friendly and charming, but she lacks any sort of depth. She’s not reliable. She might gossip horribly, so don’t tell her anything you don’t want everyone to know – or she might just abandon any promise she made to you on a simple whim.¬†She is not likely to have a firm grasp on reality, which can lead her to be gullible or easily misled. She can conned with false promises, or make up impossible to fulfill expectations without any help from anyone else. There’s also an element of manipulation here – she wants attention and praise, and she’s willing to emotionally blackmail you to get it. Watch out for sob stories from this woman.

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