Tarotka Minor Arcana: Mistress of Coins

Mistress of Coins/Queen of Pentacles
The Mistress of Coins represents maturity, practicality, Earth, and Water. Earth means she is powerful in material matters, Water means she is generous and creative. This is a queenly woman, and she has both ambition and the resourcefulness to reach her goals. She’s organized, down to earth, and talented, and these traits have combined with her maturity to pay off – she’s usually well-settled and has some manner of temporal power, either as a businesswoman or a home-maker. Whichever route she chooses to take, she will work just as diligently at either, and she will be master of her domain in both. She has a bit of the Grand Duchess/Empress to her, and there is a definite feeling of abundance to her domain.

She is also a queenly woman in terms of emotions as well – she’s charming and sensual, and often has a nurturing streak, even if she has no children of her own. She’s comfortable in both physical and emotional matters. She has friends, she has comfort, and she is respected as a generous woman. She is prosperous, and that quality shines through her in an attractive manner.

Inversed, the Mistress of Coins is still ambitious, but her pragmatism has turned into ruthlessness. Her ambition is the only thing that matters, and the emotion in her heart has run sour. She’s greedy, she’s selfish, and she’s materialistic. She only cares about other people in terms of what they’re worth to her. She’s still very emotionally intuitive, but it’s turned to bad ends – she uses it to manipulate people into giving her what she wants. Any relationships she forms are superficial, and she can’t be relied on by anyone else. Her emotions are ruled by concerns of money and power, and woe be it to anyone who might believe otherwise.

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