Tarotka Minor Arcana: Master of Swords

Master of Swords/King of Swords
The Master of Swords is associated with maturity, intellect, and Air. As both the Master of the suit and bearing the suit of Swords, he is an Air/Air card, which means he is Intellectual/Intellectual. Unsurprisingly, this is the epitome of human rationality. He can be compared with the Grand Duke/Emperor, but while the Grand Duke is the very concept and symbol of rational rule, the Master of Swords is the man who is wielding that authority. This is someone with a strong moral center, but his morals do not spring from his emotions – they come from his reason. His rulings are fair and just, and he acts selflessly, because he is not swayed by self-interest or emotion – he simply sees the situation as it is, and gives the most reasonable solution to any problem he encounters. He is not easily corrupted or swayed from his path, because he’s too focused on the big picture for corruption to make much sense.

The Master of any suit is someone who hold authority in some manner, and the Master of Swords holds authority both over his mind and with his mind. He is a pillar of moral strength and good advice – he is a commanding figure, and can represent some manner of expert or official. At the same time, much like the Grand Duke, he is not afraid to wield the sword he holds, and he will do it quickly and without emotion if he’s decided it’s the best thing for him to do. “A good man will kill you without a word” – not always true, but very much so in the case of the Master of Swords.

This is what happens when intellect goes a little too far without compassion. When inversed, the Master of Swords does not care about anyone – maybe not even himself – and that makes him a completely cutthroat and ruthless person. Sometimes the most “logical” thing to do in the situation is to cut someone loose or otherwise hang them out to dry, and this man will without a second thought. He knows no mercy, he uses others for his own ends, and he only cares about how the most effective solution can be rendered, not how that solution will affect other people’s lives. He’s also strict and unyielding, since he “knows” he’s made the rational decision, and he’s the one in power here so shut up and listen! The fact that his rationality ignores emotion, spirituality, or material comfort is of no concern to him – these things are just corrupting influences upon his pure and logical mind, and he looks down upon others that are swayed by them.

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