Tarotka Minor Arcana: Master of Cups

Master of Cups/King of Cups
The Master of Cups is associated with maturity, emotions, Air and Water. Air is the element of intellect and authority, Water the element of intuition and emotion. This man is still an authority figure, but his decisions are ruled by his compassion and kindness. He can represent a man of art or religion, a wise advisor and a noble healer. He listens to the suggestions of others, even when they are in conflict with his own carefully formed opinions. He never judges, never blames others for their faults, and is always a sympathetic supporter. In return, he is respected. He is a natural diplomat, able to gather many disparate allies to him, because they know he will listen and respect them in turn – even if he doesn’t condone or agree with them. He is considerate and generous to those he knows, going out of his way to make sure they feel comfortable coming to him. He prefers to solve issues with diplomacy rather than authority, and this in turn reinforces his authority, instead of undermining it.

There’s a bad habit of branding emotional and sympathetic men as pushovers, but… this guy is a pushover. The Master of Cups inverse has had his authority eroded by his inability to stand firm on issues – and others are quite willing to take advantage of that. At a certain point he can no longer stand up for himself, and winds up being trampled by stronger personalities that come along. He can also have a habit of spoiling people rotten or giving out things that aren’t deserved, especially if he has children. He means well, but don’t depend on him. He gives in too easily to those who treat him poorly, and can’t be relied upon by those who treat him well.

Something you should keep in mind, however, is that many inverted Water cards have an element of deception to them – so beware a man that seems too kind.

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