Tarotka Minor Arcana: Master of Coins

Master of Coins/King of Pentacles
The Master of Coins is associated with maturity, pragmatism, Earth, and Air. Air makes him authoritative and intellectual, Earth makes him practical and concerned with material things. The Master cards have authority over a certain area related to their suit – so the Master of Coins is a pillar of material stability, someone with wealth and good advice to spare. This is a man of means, and can often represent someone in a financial position. He’s a businessman to the core, the master of the material world. His maturity means he’s dependable, but tends to be orthodox – he doesn’t stay in his position by taking unnecessary risks or having unnecessary expenses. He’s been around the block a few times, and knows how to run an effective business. Past that, his Earth aspect means he has a patient nature, able to keep his eye on the long view and make things pay off for him. He has a long fuse on his temper, but once he’s angered, he’s going to hold that grudge for a long time – Earth is not a forgiving element.

This the the Master of Coins with his authority ill-aligned – he has authority, but really shouldn’t. He’s corrupt and rotten to the core. His power serves only to get him more money, his money serves only to get him more power. He’s jealous and grasping, never content with what he has and determined to take everything from everyone else. He may also not be very good at his job, corruption aside – his orthodoxy can be corrupted into making him dull and rigid minded. Once he’s fixated on something he wants, he can’t let it go, even when it’s clearly not worth the effort. His mind has been swept away in the allure of money, and nothing is going to stand in his way. Woe to you if you do – he’s just as unforgiving as he is upright, and he has less of a moral center to hold him back from you.

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