Tarotka Minor Arcana: Knight of Stars

Knight of Stars/Knight of Wands
The Knight of Stars represents youth, dynamism, energy, and Fire. As both the Knight of her suit and bearing the suit of Wands, she is a Fire/Fire card. Her daring and enthusiasm are unmatched, and she is always champing at the bit to go charging into the fray. Her energy and courage are boundless, and she has no fear of anything – while this sometimes serves to get her into trouble, these are also the means by which she can free himself from any detrimental situation. She has all the energy and speed of a forest fire. She will be highly supportive of those he considers friends – and you’d be surprised how high that number can go. She is always swooping into dangerous situations, saving the day and then moving on to the next adventure. This suddenness hides a deep sense of honor; she is always ready to protect those who cannot defend themselves. But she cannot stand to stay in one place for long. There is always more to do!

This is a person that lives for excitement and danger. She is impulsive, and eager to help anyone who needs it. Beware her temper, however – it’s just as fiery as her elemental affinity suggests. She’s quick to anger and quick to friendship, and she is ardent in both her wrath and her love.

Once again, the Knights are cards of extremes, and thus it’s hard to tell her virtues from her faults. The inverse Knight of Stars is fine enough when she’s off running around, but it’s hard to get her to sit still, an thus she can be unreliable. She gets bored easily, charging off to the next battle as soon as the exciting bit ends – or dragging other people to the next battle before they’ve recovered from the last one. Her temper is quick, and she can rapidly get irritated with other people, pushing and shoving other people to try and make things move faster. She can also get frustrated very quickly. She wants to keep moving forward, and if obstacles get in her way, she can get angry or burn out. There’s a chance that she’ll just dump the whole affair if she can’t find a way to resolve the issue quickly.

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