Tarotka Minor Arcana: Knight of Coins

Knight of Coins/Knight of Pentacles
The Knight of Coins represents youth, practicality, Earth, and Fire. Earth is the element of material concerns and practicality, Fire is that of action and dynamism. While the other knights are riding off for glory and love, the Knight of Coins is the one who stays home and keeps things from falling apart. His inner fire is directed towards doing his duty. He’s dedicated, responsible, and loyal. He is, most of all, reliable. You can always depend on him to do his job – “neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night” will prevent him from carrying out his appointed rounds. He’s also very patient. He’s not as fast as the other knights, but he makes up for this by the fact he will not give up, no matter the obstacles. “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”, and the Knight of Coins is quite willing to put in that effort.

The downside here is that he’s a bit slow and plodding. This isn’t the most flexible man in the world – he’s alert and diligent, but he wants time to think things through if he needs to make a decision. This can be good, as it means he won’t charge into the situation half-cocked, but sometimes people will wish he moved faster.

Once again, the Knights are cards of extremes, and thus it’s hard to tell his virtues from his faults. This guy is slow, stubborn, and rigid. He has to do everything by the book, even when the book is clearly wrong. He can’t be persuaded to break tradition, even when it’s the right thing to do. Once a course of action has entered his head, he can’t be stopped from carrying it though, even when presented with evidence that he made the wrong call – he simply won’t acknowledge it. His determination and patience do not seem like great qualities when he’s blocking your way. His sense of duty means he can’t be talked around, and his patience means he will take as much time as he wants to think through a situation, even when the situation is crucially time sensitive – he’s quite willing to stay put until the earth implodes.

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