Tarotka Minor Arcana: Four of Swords

Four of Swords
Sometimes the world gets too much, and so the Four of Swords represents a respite. This is a period of rest and rejuvenation, a period of inactivity that allows you to heal. There is an unspoken knowledge that there is a struggle still raging out there, and you will someday return to it, but for now, take a break. The respite can be mental or physical – swords metaphorically mean intellect, but they also literally mean… swords. Either way, you need time to heal. There is a break in the storm, or a momentary truce, and so the card tells you to put down your arms.

Something to be noted for Ravenloft, however, is the image depicted is that of a tomb. Although the card is usually thought to indicate that you can or will return after your rest is over, that may not always be the case. Take care that your rest is not a final one.

You’ve been resting, but the storm is still raging outside, and its time to go back into to fray. Hopefully, your period of relaxation has left you refreshed and rejuvenated, and you’re ready to face your ordeals with all your strength. If you’re unlucky, well… recall the image of a peaceful rest within a tomb, now imagine what it means if that peaceful rest is flipped on its head. Beware of someone meaning to disturb your eternal, and well deserved, rest.

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