Tarotka Minor Arcana: Four of Stars

Four of Stars/Four of Wands
This is sometimes called “perfected work” or “completion”. The Four of Stars represents having put in the effort, forming bonds over it, and now enjoying the success and stability from that.

Well, that’s a bit nebulous. What does it mean more specifically? Well, this is usually the sign of a strong homestead. As such, this card has associations with weddings, reunions, and family bonds – building blocks of said strong homestead. In the case of a wedding, it represents the effort the couple (and their families) are putting forward to make the relationship pay off. If we instead follow through from the Three of Stars, your group and community has worked hard, and are now enjoying the fruits of their labors. This is a celebratory card, and represents a certain harmony, which is needed both for a healthy home life and a healthy community.

The thing about communities and marriages – they provide stability. In some cases, you can’t make your way in society without them. Unfortunately, this means you might barge into one, or be forced into one, because of material concerns. When inverted, the Four of Stars represents an non-committed relationship and an unstable bond. You might have rushed in hastily or you might have been forced into this situation, but you don’t really want to be here. And since you don’t, the bonds holding everything together are shaky.

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