Tarotka Minor Arcana: Four of Coins

Four of Coins/Four of Pentacles
This is the card of earthly power, usually manifesting as wealth. You’ve worked hard, you’ve made your gains, and now you have material stability. However, this can also be the card of the miser. This card often embodies holding on, to money, to possessions, or even to other people. The man on the card doesn’t want to lose what he’s worked for. It makes him both stingy and resistant to change, since he sees both spending money and change as risks to his prosperity. Sometimes this works out for him, as he didn’t get where he was by spending imprudently. But sometimes this can actually result in him losing what he has worked so hard to keep.

And here is the stinginess without the wealth. You may have met someone grimly determined to hold on to all their power and money, vainly ignoring the fact they don’t really have any power and money left. But they’re still terrified of losing what they have, and so they cling to it. This essentially puts him in a state of stasis – he’s too busy trying to keep what he thinks he has, and won’t do anything to change and to try and get more.

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