Tarotka Minor Arcana: Five of Cups

Five of Cups
Most people don’t like seeing this card, for obvious reason. The Five of Cups is the card of grief and remorse. Something that should have given you happiness has given you pain – perhaps you lost a friend or loved one. You might have even lost them through your own actions. Whatever the case, your pleasure is gone, your joy turned to grief.

You’ll notice that two of the cups haven’t been spilled. The woman has not noticed this, as she is too focused on the source of her sorrow, but it’s a reminder that everything isn’t lost. Things have been broken that can’t be easily put back together, but life – and even love – do go on.

You have drunk a bitter wine with none to be your comfort,
You who once were left behind, will be welcome at love’s table

As I said above, life and love do go on. Time heals many wounds, and so does acceptance. You’ve been hurt, but hope has returned. This is a sign of recovering from sorrow, and joy coming back into your life once more.

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