Tarotka Minor Arcana: Ace of Coins

The start of a new suit, and so we have another Ace – the Ace of Coins. Coins are the suit of practicality, security and material concerns. They are associated with the element Earth and the concrete requirements of working with matter. It is also associated with nature and physical experiences. Coins represent prosperity and wealth of all kinds.

Ace of Coins/Ace of Pentacles
The Ace is, once again, the “root” of it’s suit – in this case, “root” is more appropriate than usual, given the symbol of the tree on the card. It’s the strong foundation needed for anything involving the physical world. That foundation might be the money, hard work, and good planning needed to start a business. It could be the literal foundation of a building. It might be a bright new prospect that presents itself to you. It could be a the sign of a healthy harvest. It could be inheritance, or a proposal (which is to say, the building blocks of a stable family). Unsurprisingly, this is a card that’s associated with prosperity, but it’s important to remember that there isn’t any wealth here yet, just the potential for it. It gives you the resources to make a good start. You have all the building blocks needed to succeed, but you have to put in the time and effort for your enterprise to grow. Much like the tree, this isn’t going to happen overnight. The suit of coins requires patience and diligence – it needs time to take root.

Maybe you’ve worked for a startup company – more likely you’ve had the pleasure of watching one crash and burn horribly. You’ve probably at least heard horror stories – aimless business plans, countless company funds sunk into extravagant parties, embezzling and lying company officials. The opportunities are there, but they’ve been mismanaged and squandered, or maybe maybe this just isn’t the best time to start something up. You might receive wealth from this card, but it will not wind up benefiting you as you want it to. Either way, this is a sign that your prospects are shaky, and somehow being misused. The effort you put into this enterprise is likely to be wasted – you can build on it as much as you like, but its foundation is simply not strong enough to support anything worth supporting. If you try to work with the inverse Ace of Coins, you’ll likely find your work crumbling before long.

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