Tarotka Major Arcana – The Raven (XVII)

The Raven/The Star
The Raven is the card of faith and hope. Small words, huge concepts.

The important thing to note is that the Raven is not a big, dramatic display like the sun and moon. The Raven is a soft, gentle symbol, a tiny omen that things are going to get better. It’s a simple black bird – it’s a single star, shining on a dark night. But it’s there, and it can give you comfort, and keep you going no matter how bad it gets. This is the strength of faith and hope: that no matter how much evidence you have that the world is a horrible place, that everything is bad and you’re never going to escape it all, you can still believe and work for a brighter future. When you’ve lost your way on the path of life, the Raven is there to guide you.

When you feel you can’t help yourself, look to the stars and higher powers for guidance. And remember there’s an inner light within you as well, a spark of divinity, waiting to cast its light onto the world. In times of darkness it shows that there is a way out, and tells you not to worry, for illumination and freedom are at hand. All you need is something in which to place your faith. So trust in yourself, and in whatever powers you believe control the universe, to help you through difficult times.

I am reaching, but I fall… and the stars are black and cold…

There are few things more powerful than hope… and few things crueler than false hope. Having your spirits uplifted… then dashed on the rocks again. And yet, when false hope returns, you return to it again and again, only to have your faith in it dashed again and again. Sometimes, the Raven is just a bad omen, and sometimes it’s just a cruel carrion bird. Beware of deception or putting your faith in something that doesn’t deserve it.

When the Raven is inverted, you’ve been worn down by the constant disappointment, and you’re likely feeling depressed and drained. Whenever that little light within you tries to shine, you smother it, because anything is better than being hurt again. Unfortunately, that pessimistic attitude will keep you lost without guidance, because you’ll never be willing to put your faith in finding something better.

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