Tarotka Major Arcana – The Mists (XXI)

The Mists/The World
Euch. This card.

The trouble with The Mists is that the mists encircle and touch everything in Ravenloft. So basically, this card could mean a whole lot of things.

But what the heck. If it was easy to explain or understand, it wouldn’t be the Mists.

The basic gist of the Mists is one of a journey and completion. You’ve made your way through ups and downs, difficult decisions, travel and growth, and now your journey is complete. You’ve learned the lessons that you’ve needed to learn, and your journey has fulfilled its purpose. This is the confirmation of success and the reward for all your ordeals. You had trials and sacrifices along the way, but things have drawn to their natural conclusion. The story has ended, and it turned out alright.

But of course, the journey never really ends. At the conclusion of this journey, there is the start of new one. Now that you’ve satisfied your old goals and desires, it’s time to find new ones to pursue. The old chapter of your life closes, and you are ready to move on to the next “level”. Go back out into the world and experience the strange mystery of life. The present is now. The future is now. Eternity is now.

After all, if you don’t want to venture into the Mists, they’re perfectly happy to come fetch you instead.

You know all that stuff  about taking a journey up above? Now apply that to what you know of Ravenloft. Maybe you’re not so eager to venture out anymore. And if you do, chances are, your journey is not going to turn out very well for you.

But who are we kidding. This card could mean that whether it’s rightside up or upside down.

Welcome to the mists.

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