Tarotka Major Arcana – The Lovers (VI)

The Lovers
The Lovers doesn’t actually have to do with Love. Tarot, ladies and gentlemen!

Okay, that’s not entirely fair. The Lovers can be about love, and there’s a decent chance love is involved if it crops up in your reading – I mean, those are clearly lovers on the card. But it’s about more than the simple emotion of love (which is better represented by the Two of Cups). This is a card about two people being joined in some manner of relationship, though not necessarily a romantic one. If everything goes well, it represents completion, union, and joining two people into something that’s better than either of them alone. It also represents respect and trust – you’re going to have to depend on your partner, in some ways, which means you must accept you can’t do everything on your own anymore.

More importantly, it’s a card about choice. Why? Because you can’t get any of that harmony and balance if you make a crappy choice of partner. Sometimes the card might be about deciding between two different people, but it can also simply be the choice of “do I want to get involved with this person?” You need to make a decision on if this path is the right one for you. Here’s the kicker, though – this isn’t really a choice you can make on logic. You could make a big chart on e-harmony explaining why someone is absolutely perfect for you, and it’s not going to matter unless the two of you “click”.

So what is up with that frankly unsettling guy in the middle? Is he giving his blessing and drawing the pair together? Or is he trying to pull the two apart? Well, that’s the kicker, isn’t it – you have no idea. You are standing at a crossroads, and you really have no idea where it will lead you. Even the most well-founded union can crash and burn, either through your own fault or due to outside forces. You need to consider the consequences of your actions, and ask yourself if you can weather the road ahead, together, come what may.

Wooo-ooo-ooooooooaaaaaaooooh caught in a bad romance~!

The old saying is “love conquers all”, but love isn’t really a moral emotion. We like to think of it as such, but it can burn you if you’re not careful. Some love is like a madness, never quite going away. Some love gets completely twisted around, to the point where despite the fact you deeply care about someone, for some reason the two of you can do nothing but fight and snipe at each other. Inverted, The Lovers is still about bonds and love, but they’re somehow sick and hurting both of you. Maybe you made the wrong choice of a partner, or made a wrong choice somewhere in your relationship. Maybe you tried to avoid the choice by taking the best of both worlds, and instead wound up getting the worst. Maybe you fall in love with someone you’re not supposed to. Maybe you still love your partner, but betray her anyway. Maybe you become jealous and controlling. Maybe someone else in your life is jealous, and is interfering in your affairs. Whatever the case, what should be a close bond – what you want to have been a close bond – is nothing but frustration and quarreling. There is a severe break in your relationship.

Tainted love! Woaaa-aah~ Tainted lo-ove!

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