Tarotka Major Arcana – The High Priestess (II)

Well, gee. Second card in the deck and we’ve already reached ULTIMATE INFINITE POWER!!! Kind of a tough act to follow. So what comes after limitless conscious potential and knowledge?

The High Priestess
Limitless unconscious potential and knowledge.

The more you learn about the world, the more you realize how much you don’t actually know. Most of what you don’t know is going on inside your own head.

It’s not easy to describe the High Priestess, because she is a mysterious unknown. She is the card of knowledge and potential, but not in the way the Magician is. The Magician knows, and knowing gives him power. The High Priestess also knows, but in a different way. She knows because her intuition tells her, and she trusts her intuition. The moon behind her is a symbol that she is a guardian of unconscious knowledge. Some people view her as the magician’s counterpart: where he acts, she listens; he knows himself in terms of what he can do, while she knows herself in terms of what lies deep within herself. The High Priestess seeks answers and knowledge, just like the Magician, but she is a reminder that sometimes you don’t have to act to understand. Be receptive. Recognize just how amazingly deep and complex a creature you are. Recognize in turn how deep and complex the world must therefore be. Open yourself up to what is and what could be. Listen to your inner voice.

If you want to get all into it, the Magician is the card of masculine potential and power. The High Priestess is the card of feminine potential and power. Yeah, I know. But it’s symbolism! Don’t let the genders on the cards lead you astray – they can all apply to men and women equally.

Since she’s a sign of the subconscious, she can also represent your duality, your shadow self. This is the part of you that nobody sees. You might not even see it, you may not even be aware it exists! But it is a very large part of you, possibly even larger than what you think of as “yourself”. If you can accept her, she can be very powerful.

You might see this woman looking at you in a shop and giving you a mysterious smile. What does it mean? Is it good, is it bad? The High Priestess is a sign to look beyond the obvious, sense the mystery, and listen to what your subconscious is telling you. Have you ever made a choice to trust someone without much reason to, or do something simply because you felt like it was a good idea? Acknowledge that there is a lot of depth in your mind, most of which you barely touch upon in your conscious life. Go deep into your psyche. There’s power there, hidden in the depths.

Sometimes, your significant and mysteeeeerious depths are just full of garbage. You might try to attribute all manner of new-age significance to your dreams and subconscious thoughts, but maybe you’re just saying what you want to be true and not listening to what the actual message is. Or, maybe your mysteeeeeeerious depths contain not very nice things. Like being selfish, superficial, cruel, or deceptive. Your “shadow self” may not really be a great person, or maybe your real self has been plunged out of sight, where no one else can see. As such, this card can mean you are keeping secrets, or playing yourself false. Whatever the case, when the High Priestess is inverted, it probably represents looking deep into your subconscious and not finding anything you like in there. Whether you clap your hands over your ears and ignore it, or just misinterpret the whole thing, is up to you.

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