Tarotka Major Arcana – The Dawn (XIX)

The Dawn/The Sun
It’s been a long, lonely, and difficult night. But the Dawn has finally come, and it is glorious.

That pretty much sums up the metaphor of this card. No matter how dark and cold the night gets, the sun will always come up the next morning. No matter how much others would like to prevent it to spite you, the sun will always come up the next morning. The sun is reliable like that, it’s the great illuminator and the bringer of life. The Dawn is a symbol of all the positive energy that this world has to offer.

Of course, nailing down what “cosmic positive energy” means in your precise situation is the hard part. It could mean enlightenment, or creative inspiration – “shedding light” on the issue, as it were. It could be a dawning confidence to go out and face the world. It could be new-found wealth or other material gain. Whatever aspect of your life this might refer to, this is sign of success and optimism. Things have been hard, but you have emerged into the light, stronger and wiser. War has ended and made way for peace; hatred is replaced by love; fear is overcome by courage. This is truly a time to celebrate!

Yes, the sun is the giver of life and all that etc etc. But, perhaps you’ve been out on one of those really hot, awful days – the dog days of summer, they call them. One of those days where you know the sun is good and all that, but right now, you just want it to go away.

So there’s the Dawn inversed. There’s too much energy, which is making you unhappy. Imagine yourself under the oppressive heat, and you’ll have some idea of what impressions this card is conveying. You’re cranky. You’re lethargic. Maybe you’re sunstroked or sunburned… in a metaphorical sense.

Even the positive connotations can be trouble when inversed. Imagine someone with too much energy. Or perhaps, too much confidence. Or maybe too much optimism, to the point where they’re delusional. Too much metaphorical light can be just as obnoxious as not enough.

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