Tarotka Major Arcana – Justice (XI)

Justice represents more than just the laws of men. After all, people can never really agree on what justice is. The card Justice can represent acting in a balanced and fair manner – or a warning to adjust yourself to be fair and balanced – but it also represents a cosmic justice. This Justice is inviolable and cannot be broken. It consists of two truths: first, that your actions have consequences, and second, that those consequences will affect you. Basically, what goes around, comes around.

Justice carries a double edged sword, and it doesn’t really care about what you think is right or wrong, or what you think you deserve for your actions. If your actions have caused harm, you will receive harm in return. If your actions have done good, then you will receive good in return. There’s no malice or praise involved with this, it’s simply the results of your actions coming back to you. It’s also a lesson that good intentions doesn’t absolve you of consequences. You have to take responsibility for what you’ve done – not just what you meant to do.

If you see this card in a reading, be careful not to do anything with ill-intent, because it will come back to you. Justice is not tempered by mercy. It gives you exactly what you have earned. It is, above all things, fair. Which is why most people don’t like it, and try to argue that it isn’t.

Justice isn’t concerned with mercy. But sometimes, it really needs to be. Sometimes, justice without mercy can turn into injustice really quick. Maybe that starving kid who stole an apple shouldn’t be treated like a thief. Maybe accidentally dislodging a boulder and killing a girl isn’t the same as premeditated murder. But Justice inversed doesn’t care. The results are the same, so the punishment must also be the same. This is a sign of being overly critical, overly vengeful, a perfectionist and a know it all. And since you haven’t been the victim of bad circumstances, but can use them to punish another person, it leads to inequality real fast. This can also be a warning against Justice inversed turning inward, and causing you to be too harsh toward yourself. You need to let things go, sometimes, and forgive yourself.

Of course, the most common and literal reading of Justice inversed is an injustice in the past. It was likely a justice to someone. Just not you.

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