Tarotka Major Arcana – Fate (X)

Fate/Wheel of Fortune
Congratulations! You are now swept up on cosmic forces beyond your control! I’ve pretty much just described life there, haven’t I?

But that’s Fate. It’s the card of Fortune and Destiny, and it’s hard to explain beyond that because those are some pretty big and complicated concepts. But the point here is that you cannot control Fate, not even if you’d really like to. If you’re lucky, you can ride the wheel all the way to the top. If you’re unlucky, you can get dragged along and thrown off the bottom of the wheel. But once it catches you, you’re going along for the ride, like it or not – and you can only hope you get off in a better spot than when you started.

The important message here is that change is coming, and you’d better go with the flow, because there’s no fighting fate. You can’t change the direction of the wheel – look instead for the opportunities it gives you, and try to use them to come out on top.

Upright, Fate is fickle fortune. Inversed, it’s pretty much just bad fortune. Sucks to be you, huh? In the end, Fate inversed is not so different from Fate upright, but it comes with the clear sense that you have completely lost control over your own destiny. No matter how much you plan and how much you do, it won’t matter – Fate will find some way of undoing all your work and doing whatever it pleases. It’s also the card of karma coming back to bite you – things you did in the past are going to swing around into your future. Expect setbacks.

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