Tarotka Minor Arcana: Squire of Stars

Squire of Stars/Page of Wands
Back to the Court Cards for the last time. Just to recap, the Court Cards represent a personality – they can either be another person, an aspect of yourself, or a message/event that shares the same “character” as the person on the card.

So who is the Squire of Stars?

She’s associated with youth, dynamism, Fire, and Earth. Fire means she has energy and a passion for life, Earth means she is concerned with the world around her. Her youth means her understanding of life is incomplete, but that only increases her appreciation and joie de vivre. She is a free spirit, outspoken and direct in her actions. Her fiery nature pushes her to be an enterprising spirit – someone drawn to fast-moving or cutting edge new fields. It could be the sign of an inventor or an athlete, or someone like a test pilot. She demands some manner of action in her life, usually dragging excitement and change along for the ride. Her ambitions are high but not unattainable – she will challenge herself, but it’s likely to overstep her limits unless pushed. Like the other Squire cards, this can be the sign of a student, who approaches learning (as the rest of her life) with nearly limitless passion and enthusiasm.

Someone with too much youthful energy and too much energy in general. When inverted, The Squire of Stars is incredibly over-reactive. She’s hot headed and rash, jumping into impulsive decisions without really thinking if they’re a good idea. She can get impatient and testy in her dealings with others, trying to push them to get a move on and getting irritated if they don’t. Her over-energetic nature means she’s scattered and flighty – she just hasn’t got the patience to sit down and concentrate on any one thing. She bounces from one hobby or project to the next without ever really accomplishing anything, dropping anything as soon as she gets bored with it, regardless of obligations.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Ten of Stars

Ten of Stars/Ten of Wands
Observe the girl on the card. She’s either called up or is trying to control something that is pushing her to her limit to even look at, and she’s not sure she can contain this power. If she lets go now, it will all be lost – or perhaps blow up in her face. She is tired and pushed to her absolute limits, but she has to keep forging ahead if she wants to complete her task. The Ten of Stars is a card of oppression – not stemming from tyrants and poor authority, but the oppression of your exertions and responsibilities bearing down upon you. When you deal with the energy of Stars for too long, it can burn you and tire you. This is the sign of struggling on in the face of that.

This card can represent something we have likely all experienced – where that project that you were so enthusiastic for has hit the final stretch… and you hate it. You don’t want to work on it ever again. You are incredibly burned out and tired about the whole thing. But if you stop now, everything will be wasted. You have to make that final slog to the end for your work to pay off, no matter how much you hate it right now.

Alright, you can’t do it. The burden is too heavy. So, what happens? You either drop it, get someone else to help carry it, or get crushed by it. In the case of the first, it can be a great relief to finally put the weight down, although you may find yourself having to pick up pieces and clear away debris, and you might wind up losing everything you worked for so far. In the case of the second, you have to swallow your pride and admit you need help. In the case of the third… well, that didn’t work out very well for you, no matter how you cut it. You have to guess which of these this means based on context (and curse inverses), unless you want to take this card as a simple warning that you can’t carry things on your own.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Nine of Stars

Nine of Stars/Nine of Wands
This is sometimes called the card of great strength, though this strength does not come from simply digging in your heels. The Nine of Stars is the card of vigilance and preparation. This strength comes from knowing the darkness is coming, and being ready for it. It is a sign of having gained experience from your previous trials, and now anticipating opposition before it even presents itself. This cards can also represent standing vigil for the final conflict, a sign that you have one final hurdle to clear before you achieve your goal. The strength to overcome it will come from what you have learned on your journey up to this point. This is the light shining in the greatest darkness – you know you’ve made it this far, and thus you know you have the power to make it to the end.

It is often hard to tell whether a period of calm marks the beginning, middle, or the end of a storm. When you’re waiting for darkness to fall, there’s a temptation to jump the gun, and take the fight out to the opponent. Or, there’s a temptation to stay inside your self-made barricade, even long past the point of darkness being over. In the case of the former, you’ll likely find your preparations undone, and your forces scattered to the winds. In the case of the latter, you’ll do that to yourself, as your hyper-wariness for an attack that will never come wears you down.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Eight of Stars

Eight of Stars/Eight of Wands
This card is a bit of a strange one, having no human figures on it at all. Generally, the Eight of Stars refers to swift and decisive action, in the form of a sudden release of energy. Be quick, be bold, and have confidence. Take things in stride, but hold nothing back. If there have been major obstacles in your way, you now have the power to get rid of them. Strike while the iron is hot!

When upright, the Eight of Stars calls you to hasty action – when inversed, it warns you against it. Don’t act without thinking it through first. Such actions will fizzle out like shooting stars, leaving behind very little of note except remorse – or, if one takes the shooting stars mean a meteorite, large amounts of damage where it hit the ground.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Seven of Stars

Seven of Stars/Seven of Wands
The Seven of Stars is the card of courage and taking a stand. You can see it easily enough on the card – there is a struggle here, and a lot of opposition, but the man has picked his position and will defend it to the bitter end. The thing about this card is, despite the terrible odds, the advantage is in the hands of the one man. This is because he is a 15th level Ranger knows himself and knows the turf better than his foes. He knows where he is and what he’s fighting for, which gives him a stronger position than the people who are jabbing at him blindly. He knows to hold his ground, because victory will be his eventually.

In modern days this is more of a metaphorical card, in that we probably aren’t going to be getting into spear-fights – the people trying to tear you down are detractors, not soldiers. In either case, the lesson is the same. Know your position and stand your ground.

Wow, those are a lot of spears. And they’re pointy. And on fire. Ehhhh. Why are you here again? You have taken a stand, but you’re not really feeling up to the task… for obvious reasons. As such, your resolve is faltering, and in so doing your position is also crumbling. In the case of the metaphorical fight, you’re afraid of the constant attacks that come from everyone who doesn’t like you – and like above, these attacks have no real basis in anything. The whole thing has devolved into pointless sniping and ignorance. Since you aren’t clear on your position, nothing is going to be gained from this.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Six of Stars

Six of Stars/Six of Wands
Here’s an easy card for you – the Six of Stars is the card of teamwork and victory. You win! Huzzah! It’s also a card that means you are going to gain acceptance and validation from your victory. Double Huzzah!

Uh… well… you lose, I guess. Much less huzzah. People may become disillusioned with you because of this. Be warned of a seeming victory being snatched from your hands, or pride coming before the fall.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Five of Stars

Five of Stars/Five of Wands
This is the card of competition and action. It’s about expressing yourself through struggle and clashing wills. This may seem like a bad card, but it has more in common with sports or chess than with Game of Thrones. This is a friendly competition, of sorts. You’ll notice the man in the picture is fighting against the raging tide. He could work with the river current and go much faster, and with much less effort. But that’s not really the point. This would be a bit like telling a rock climber that there’s an elevator to the top of the mountain – that’s not really why he’s out here. The fact that everyone has turned their efforts against each other may make it seem like the effort is all going to waste, but it’s more about self-improvement and self-satisfaction through the conflict. It allows the participants to work out their pent up energy without causing harm, and it allows everyone involved to practice for more serious competitions.

This is when you’re rafting down a river, and you hit a patch of bad rapids. What was a benign exertion has suddenly turned into a fight for your life. The Five of Stars inverted is for when the struggle turns nasty. Someone might have lost their temper, or maybe one of your competitors turned out to be cruel and violence minded from the very beginning. This isn’t a game anymore, and you need to change your expectations and tactics to respond to that.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Four of Stars

Four of Stars/Four of Wands
This is sometimes called “perfected work” or “completion”. The Four of Stars represents having put in the effort, forming bonds over it, and now enjoying the success and stability from that.

Well, that’s a bit nebulous. What does it mean more specifically? Well, this is usually the sign of a strong homestead. As such, this card has associations with weddings, reunions, and family bonds – building blocks of said strong homestead. In the case of a wedding, it represents the effort the couple (and their families) are putting forward to make the relationship pay off. If we instead follow through from the Three of Stars, your group and community has worked hard, and are now enjoying the fruits of their labors. This is a celebratory card, and represents a certain harmony, which is needed both for a healthy home life and a healthy community.

The thing about communities and marriages – they provide stability. In some cases, you can’t make your way in society without them. Unfortunately, this means you might barge into one, or be forced into one, because of material concerns. When inverted, the Four of Stars represents an non-committed relationship and an unstable bond. You might have rushed in hastily or you might have been forced into this situation, but you don’t really want to be here. And since you don’t, the bonds holding everything together are shaky.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Three of Stars

Three of Stars/Three of Wands
The Two of Stars is about personal effort; the Three of Stars is about combined effort. This is a card of joining forces with others to accomplish greater things than you could alone. As the card of joint-enterprise, it has association with trade and other established organizations – this can be the card of the guild, the union, or anything that gains its power from the cooperative work of many people. There is a stability and security that comes from many hands working together. One person’s confidence and energy may flag and falter, but there are others there to help pick up the slack.

Thanks to the continual use of group projects in both school and the business world, I think we’ve all encountered the Three of Stars reversed. You can put three people in a room together, but their efforts are not all going to go in the same direction. Some people just don’t work well together. This is often a sign of pride or some other personal energy getting in the way of cooperation. Everyone has a bold new idea that they’re determined to do for the project! And none of them are compatible with one another. What you end up is with everyone getting in each other’s way – you essentially have three people doing redundant work, and screwing up everyone else’s work, instead of three people accomplishing something together.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Two of Stars

Two of Stars/Two of Wands
The Two of Stars is the card of power. What power, you ask? The power of ambition and the willingness to bend the world to your own desires. Hence the magician on the card, who represents this in the most literal sense – warping the natural physics of the world through his determination. Doing anything big requires a certain amount of risk, but this card represents being bold enough to take them. This likely represents a situation that requires leadership and decision making. The person here is venturing forth with power, setting his plans in motion.

The tales neglected to mention how easy it was to lose such a kingdom, however. I didn’t last a year.

Yeah, sometimes believing in yourself isn’t all you need to make your dreams come true. You need some good planning, and probably resources… maybe some managers… anyway, you have plenty of energy here, and it’s not really helping the situation. “Be bold, but not too bold.” A determined and confident nature can easily be turned into obstinacy and pride, and your ambition can cloud your judgment. This can also mean “restlessness” – you really want to go out there and change the world, but have no idea how or to what.