Tarotka Tarot Index

Major Arcana
The Innocent (0)
The Magician (I)
The High Priestess (II)
The Grand Duchess (III)
The Grand Duke (IV)
The High Priest (V)
The Lovers (VI)
Victory (VII)
Strength (VIII)
The Hermit (IX)
Fate (X)
Justice (XI)
The Traitor (XII)
Death (XIII)
Alchemy (XIV)
The Dark Master (XV)
The Tower (XVI)
The Raven (XVII)
The Moon (XVIII)
The Dawn (XIX)
Absolution (XX)
The Mists (XXI)

Minor Arcana
Important Notes

Ace of Swords
Two of Swords
Three of Swords
Four of Swords
Five of Swords
Six of Swords
Seven of Swords
Eight of Swords
Nine of Swords
Ten of Swords
Squire of Swords
Knight of Swords
Mistress of Swords
Master of Swords

Ace of Coins
Two of Coins
Three of Coins
Four of Coins
Five of Coins
Six of Coins
Seven of Coins
Eight of Coins
Nine of Coins
Ten of Coins
Squire of Coins
Knight of Coins
Mistress of Coins
Master of Coins

Ace of Cups
Two of Cups
Three of Cups
Four of Cups
Five of Cups
Six of Cups
Seven of Cups
Eight of Cups
Nine of Cups
Ten of Cups
Squire of Cups
Knight of Cups
Mistress of Cups
Master of Cups

Ace of Stars
Two of Stars
Three of Stars
Four of Stars
Five of Stars
Six of Stars
Seven of Stars
Eight of Stars
Nine of Stars
Ten of Stars
Squire of Stars
Knight of Stars
Mistress of Stars
Master of Stars

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Master of Stars

Master of Stars/King of Wands
I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

The Master of Stars is associated with maturity, dynamism, Air and Fire. Air is the element of intellect and authority, Fire the element of action and energy. So this is the Master of Stars: Intelligent, Ambitious, and most of all, Powerful. The Master of Stars is strong and motivated, but he’s also a man of vision. His forte is setting forth and changing the world to match his ideals – he is a daring entrepreneur, taking bold action when needed to achieve his goals. This can be the sign of a self-made man, someone who seized his power through his own actions. Fire is also the element of inspiration, and so this man can represent a bold new world order that he’s trying to bring about. Though he has both maturity and authority, he’s not a sign of stability like the other Master cards – he is closer to a revolutionary. If he’s on the wrong side of an argument, he can cause a lot of damage, but if he’s on the right side, he can bring the world into a bright new future. But one thing that can never be said of him is that he walks away from problems, whatever they are.

This is a power-hungry megalomaniac, pure and simple. He has a hunger inside him that can never be filled, and he’ll consume everyone in his path in his attempt to fill it. All of his intellect and ambition are laid upon the grand altar of himself, and he only cares about his own vision – usually one with him at the top. He is driven by his desires, hooked on the adrenaline of victory, temperamental and demanding. He often has his sights set on goals he cannot reach, which leads him continually to disappointment. This doesn’t stop him from trying again and again, burning everything in his path. Even if he succeeds, nothing will ever be enough. Happiness, for this man, must be taken – and he will take it.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Mistress of Stars

Mistress of Stars/Queen of Wands
The Mistress of Stars is associated with maturity, dynamism, Fire, and Water. Fire gives her energy, Water means she has strong intuition and emotions. The impression one has upon meeting the Mistress of Stars is that of power. She has a powerful personality and a powerful will. This is a very capable woman, self-governing and sure of what she wants in life. She cannot be swayed from her goals, no matter how strong the opposition turns out to be. Often she takes others’ problems into her own hands to see them solved more quickly. Her forceful nature is attractive to many, however, and she is often found at the center of a group of friends. She is a sensual woman, vivacious and spirited, and her power draws others to her. She is a fierce lover and a fierce enemy – beware of crossing her.

At least one tarot card I’ve seen has Queen Boudicca on it – and it’s a pretty good comparison. This woman does not knuckle under and she does not bow. She can be a force for great good or great evil, but she will be great, either way.

Yikes. That forceful woman up above is just as forceful, but she’s high strung and domineering. She shoves her way into situations and causes more trouble than she solves. She’s not invincible, but she can act like it, and this can quickly lead to her burning herself on her own ambition. Once that happens, she turns even nastier. The inverse Mistress of Stars is a bitter, jealous woman, easily offended and quick in her wrath. She’s judgmental and quick to punish for those perceived flaws in others. She’s disorganized and doesn’t necessarily look ahead. She refuses to tolerate anything that will constrain her, even when she really ought to consider if it’s a good idea anyway. She has powerful emotions and a powerful will just the same as above, but they are turned to nasty and selfish ends, and she will likely destroy everyone she is involved with – be they foe or lover.

Tarotka Minor Arcana: Knight of Stars

Knight of Stars/Knight of Wands
The Knight of Stars represents youth, dynamism, energy, and Fire. As both the Knight of her suit and bearing the suit of Wands, she is a Fire/Fire card. Her daring and enthusiasm are unmatched, and she is always champing at the bit to go charging into the fray. Her energy and courage are boundless, and she has no fear of anything – while this sometimes serves to get her into trouble, these are also the means by which she can free himself from any detrimental situation. She has all the energy and speed of a forest fire. She will be highly supportive of those he considers friends – and you’d be surprised how high that number can go. She is always swooping into dangerous situations, saving the day and then moving on to the next adventure. This suddenness hides a deep sense of honor; she is always ready to protect those who cannot defend themselves. But she cannot stand to stay in one place for long. There is always more to do!

This is a person that lives for excitement and danger. She is impulsive, and eager to help anyone who needs it. Beware her temper, however – it’s just as fiery as her elemental affinity suggests. She’s quick to anger and quick to friendship, and she is ardent in both her wrath and her love.

Once again, the Knights are cards of extremes, and thus it’s hard to tell her virtues from her faults. The inverse Knight of Stars is fine enough when she’s off running around, but it’s hard to get her to sit still, an thus she can be unreliable. She gets bored easily, charging off to the next battle as soon as the exciting bit ends – or dragging other people to the next battle before they’ve recovered from the last one. Her temper is quick, and she can rapidly get irritated with other people, pushing and shoving other people to try and make things move faster. She can also get frustrated very quickly. She wants to keep moving forward, and if obstacles get in her way, she can get angry or burn out. There’s a chance that she’ll just dump the whole affair if she can’t find a way to resolve the issue quickly.